The Lies Within (2019)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 모두의 거짓말
  • Also known as: Everyone’s Lie
  • Directors: Lee Yoon Jung
  • Air time: 1,7 at 22:20
  • Broadcast Period: 12/10/2019 to 01/12/2019
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The Lies Within (2019)

모두의 거짓말,Everyone’s Lie

TV Series , Detective , Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | Completed


“Everyone’s Lies” is about a woman whose husband disappears after the sudden death of her father. She joins the National Assembly and teams up with a detective in her search for the truth. The two characters work together to break through the silence and lies that people spill to protect their own interests.

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Lee Joon Hyuk Yoo Dae Yong Support Role
Yoon Bok In Unknown Support Role
Yoon Jong Seok Jeon Ho Gyu Support Role
Ohn Joo Wan Jin Young Min Support Role
Jo Hye Ryun Baek In Hye Support Role
Moon Chang Gil Jung Young Moon Support Role
Hong In Unknown Support Role
Song Young Chang Hong Min Kook Support Role
Kim Shi Eun Kang Jin Kyung Support Role
Kim Hak Seon Kang Man Soo Support Role
Kim Jong Soo Kim Seung Cheol Support Role
Seo Hyun Woo In Dong Koo Support Role
Lee Min Ki Jo Tae Shik Main Role
Lee Yoo Young Kim Seo Hee Main Role
Lee Yoon Jung Unknown Unknown Role
Won Yoo Jung Unknown Unknown Role
Jeon Yeong Shin Unknown Unknown Role
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