Thirty But Seventeen (2018)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 서른이지만 열일곱입니다
  • Also known as: 雖然30但仍17, Still 17
  • Directors: Jo Soo Won
  • Air time: 2,3 at 22:00
  • Broadcast Period: 23/07/2018 to 25/09/2018
  • Watch online

Thirty But Seventeen (2018)

서른이지만 열일곱입니다,雖然30但仍17,Still 17

TV Series , Comedy , Romance , Korean | Completed


Woo Seo Ri, a violin prodigy who was about to study in Germany when was 17, when she got into a severe car accident and fell into a coma. Thirteen years later, she wakes up from her coma. Mentally she is still only 17-years-old, while physically she is now 30.
Gong Woo Jin is a 30-year-old single man who works as a set designer. Due to a trauma he experienced 13 years ago, he does not want to have a relationship with others.
This series is about a man and a woman whose lives have been mangled due to a grisly accident. Together, they use all their might to try and open the door of happiness that they once thought had been closed to them.
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Thirty But Seventeen (2018)
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Park Shi Eun Woo Seo Ri [Young] Support Role
Yoon Chan Young Gong Woo Jin [Young] Support Role
Jung Eugene Kang Hee Soo Support Role
Yoon Sun Woo Kim Hyeong Tae Support Role
Wang Ji Won Kim Tae Rin Support Role
Ahn Hyo Sub Yoo Chan Support Role
Ye Ji Won Jennifer Support Role
Jo Soo Won Unknown Director
Jo Sung Hee Unknown Screenwriter
Shin Hye Sun Woo Seo Ri Main Role
Yang Se Jong Gong Woo Jin Main Role
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